About Us


Vuka Uzenzele Staffing is a civil construction company .We can fix any problems or start a whole new building frrom scratch .Whether the problem may plumbing ,electricity, carpenting ,carpots ,tiling ,remodelling or even constructing something new ,our employee’s will be to assist and satisfy our customer needs .As a start up compan our main aim /focus is customer satisfaction allowing us to build and maintin a strong reputation amoungst clients amnd competitors .

My company such as other companies has goals and objectives that I will be able to meet in a reasonable period of time .As it’s state above our main goal in the first year is to build a good reputation ,In that way we will have loyal clients and positive customer base that would be happy to do business with us. In order to achieve that our employee’s will not just do the job but also be as counsellers in that specific field . They are going to advise the our clients into what is going to be best for them .Sometimes its hard to choose finishing touches or cost and material use.My staff will be more than happy to use their knowledge to help our clients making decision that will best suit their needs .

My objective is to have an agreement (with loyal support)with our local supplies ( hardware).This will cause our expenditure go down .So we will be able to offer much better prices for the clients .Seeing customer happy is what we all about .Our Service will be marketed baisically to everybody that needs it.It is going to be focused in homeowners , landlords an busines owners.Its going to be be big .Its going to be massive .

The service is the one that has grown tremendously in the past years .Vuka Uzenzele Staffng is in both service and semi manufacturing for now. Our main long term goal is to be full in the manufacturing industry .The service is seen because we provide our customer with advice and knowlegde for choosing the right option and for choosing the right material as well as the knowledge to contruct the final product .The manufacturing is seen when the material is provided buy us and the end result example building a home.

The strength that e have are our qualified and responsible employee’s ,that has the knowledge of new techniques and the cheapest techniques that are availble in the industry.
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